Since you’ve decided to move to South Carolina, likely, you’re already familiar with the beauty and energy of the Palmetto State. At My South Carolina Relocation Guide, we’re here to welcome you and to provide you with resources and information to make your relocation process as smooth as possible.

Practical Resources

When you’re planning a long-distance move, there’s an ongoing list of things that have to be started, finished, and maintained during the transition. My South Carolina Relocation Guide is here to provide you with useful articles, links, recommendations, and information to help you manage that long list. Throughout our website, you’ll find resources to meet some of the needs and questions you’ll encounter.

Facts and Figures

We’d love to introduce you to your new state, so here are a few fast facts.

  • South Carolina ranks 23rd in population among the 50 states, with over 5 million residents.
  • Locals usually divide the state into three regions: The Low Country, the Midlands, and the Upstate.
  • The state enjoys an abundance of waterfront property, both along the coast and shores of its many lakes.
  • Geographically, South Carolina sits between North Carolina and Georgia. Just beyond those borders, it’s only a short drive to Tennessee and Florida.

South Carolina Information

Our site is here to help you settle into your new South Carolina home! Because moving from one state to another is a huge transition, we’ve created our site with you in mind!

  • You’ll find job information and business links.
  • We provide information about South Carolina’s big cities and little towns.
  • Look for our wealth of info on places to go and things to do in South Carolina.
  • We want to familiarize you with South Carolina’s geography, history, and demographics.
  • Our network of professionals can help you with the practical aspects of relocating to South Carolina.

We’re glad you’re here! It’s exciting to be starting a new chapter in your life and work, and we’re happy that you’ve chosen South Carolina. Whether you’ll be living near the mountains, on the coast, or somewhere in between, South Carolina is ready to welcome you! Here at My South Carolina Relocation Guide, our resources are at your fingertips to help welcome you home!